How to separate a mesh into objects

Go into edit mode, press P and press By loose parts



What is wrong I am doing:
1. Add-> mesh ->cube
2. Add-> mesh ->cube
3. Add-> mesh ->cube
4. Tab, RMclick on any cube I have added, but all cubes turn pink…
I’d like to have them separated… and named each of them afterward…


The P key is to separate. you can either separate just the selected verts, or all loose parts. In your case just select all and press P and choose to separate all loose.

The reason they are one object is because you are adding new meshes in edit mode. By default, when you add a mesh/object, it appears in editmode. If you add another mesh while still in editmode, it will be added as part of the first object. To avoid this, make sure you’re in object mode when adding primitives.


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